Founders of Garden to Grow Sac! Co-Teachers

In 2012, an edible, urban garden was established. With the hard work of staff,

students and volunteers. Wheelchair accessibility, with a workstation and raised beds, were part of the

design. There are several fruit trees, herbs, and ever-changing vegetables. The Peggy Martin climbing rose

lines the fence of the garden. Look for the story of this unique rose on the website.


In 2017, during an extended drought period, our California Native Rain garden was established. Diverting

California’s Liquid Gold was the theme of the awarded Project Green grant. The project replaced gutters

and downspouts, capturing urban run-off and diverting it to an eco-regenerative garden with native plants

and trees. By replacing the grass in this area, the estimated savings was 70,000 gallons of supplemental

because turf uses more water than native plants. Like most gardens, both gardens are in constant change.



About our students: Our developmentally disabled students range in age from 22 years – 80 years old.

Our garden program was designed for students to achieve greater independence, demonstrate a

willingness to participate in group activities and advance their basic garden skills. Social skills, job skills

and making better choices through guidance and supportive supervision are the key. We have

developed a program to empower each individual to reach their maximum potential for the challenges 

of the world around them. Students are extremely enthusiastic!

“Our purpose is to grow well-rounded people through gardening.”
Kathryn Harris & Cathy Ramierez
Founders of Garden to Grow Sac